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Welcome to our FAQ for audio system

1. Why tube sounds better even with higher distortion than solid-state ?

2. Will there be any changes in sound quality if I use different brand's tube ?

3. Will the tube last long enough in my amplifier ?

4. What type of maintenance a tube amplifier required ?

5. What's the points for me to buy Space-Tech Laboratory products instead of buying from the market ?

6. What is the advantages and disadvantages between using AC filament and DC filament ?

7. Will different power supply construction affect sound quality ?

8. What is a hybrid amplifier ?

9. Why choose a hybrid amplifier ?

10. What is the difference between single-ended and push-pull amplifier ? 

11. How to hook-up AV system with tube amplifier ? 

12. How to choose from our big selection and variety of pre-amps and power-amps ?

13. What is the simpliest upgrade from solid-state system into tube sounding system ?

14. How differnt tube models sound different from each other ?

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