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New Products/Designs - Updated on 29 Apr 2015

2015 New Design - 32bit 384Khz USB DSD DAC

USB-DSD-DAC1 32 bit 384Khz USB DAC with NOS Mullard EL32 upgrade

2015 New Design - 4 way 8 driver open buffle bi-polar design and 3 way 8 driver tower design

SP-3W8D Super high-end 3 way 8 drivers speaker system

SP-4W8D Super high-end four way 8 drivers speaker system, dual carbon fiber woofer with rear ported narrow profile , extreme good focusing with open and deep sound stage, hi-end drivers with high phase coherance crossover ensure most natural , open and smooth response.

2014 New Design - CP-1001

CP-1001 organic tube pre-amp with DAC , MC/MM phono, super recifier and headphone amp

Our 2014 new bang-for-buck ORGANIC tube pre-amp design, equipped with every features you ever dream of , including coaxial and USB digital input , high performance MC/MM phono stage, high power headphone amplifier and Super rectifier . Easily surpass sonic performance of any other brands pre-amp over $10,000 in the industry.

2014 New Design - DA24-192-Super


Our 2014 new bang-for-buck DAC design, equipped with every features you ever dream of , including coaxial and balanced digital input , USB input as music server, as well as super high current driving capability pure TUBE output stage. Easily surpass sonic performance of other brands DAC over $8,000 in the industry

2014 New Design - PB-70-ASX



Power booster with sub-sonic correction for small power single-ended 2A3 / 300B / 45/ EL84 ...etc . Convert them into high power output with same excellent tonal quality , and much better bass control, dynamics and punch as well as output power.

2014 New Design - Super high-current drive convertible design single-ended hybrid power amp

CP-101 HP-70-4.jpg HP-70-4.jpg HP-70-4.jpg

SEH-100 /SEH-101 / SEH-101EX / SHE-102-EX

Super high power and high current single-ended design , can drive even down to 2 ohm easy , Super bang-for-buck design.

2014 New Design 300B integrated amplifier with Super rectifier

IA-300B-STR 300B integrated amplifier with built-in super rectiifer

2014 New Design -Hi-end belt drive upgradable modular deisgn turntable system


TT-102 high-end belt-drive turntable with separate DC motor and DC speed control

2014 New Design - 4 way 6 driver open buffle bi-polar design


SP-4W6D high-end four way 6 drivers speaker system, hybrid tuned transmission line + ported design with narrow profile , extreme good focusing with open and deep sound stage, custom made drivers ensure most natural and smooth response.

2014 & 2015 New Design - High power pure-solid-state amplifier with TUBE like sound

SS-300-BAL Super high power 300W per channel power amp, with RCA to XLR converter, triple protection, large panel meter , dual mono power supply design. Easily to drive any speaker and easy to match tonal quality with tube amps in bi-amp / tri-amp system.

SS-70-BAL 70W per channel power amp, with RCA to XLR input, triple protection, Easily to drive any speaker and easy to match tonal quality with tube amps in bi-amp / tri-amp system.

Live Sound stage Generator Processor (2013 NEW design)


LSG-001 / LSG-003 Super real-live Sound stage generation processor , analogue computer technology without any digital processing noise and harshness , recover the original vocal and musical instruments placement no matter where you sit or stand in your listening room, with superior clarity , details and focusing as well as super open, wide and deep sound stage.

2013 New Design - P-105-STR


P-105-STR Super high-end MC/MM high gain low noise phono stage, with super rectifier and super low impedance balanced output.

2013 New Design - CP-101 multi-function combo design pre-amplifier with phono and headphone amp


CP-101 Super combo multi-functional pre-amp design , high-gain MC/MM phono stage+ high power headphone amp + organic pure tube pre-amplifier

2013 New Design - QA-10001-Delux Pre-amplifier


QA-10001-Delux Super Pre-amp , super high resolution with 100 micro step non-contact , non-solid-state remote volume pot , open and airy, very good dynamic and controls, elegent delux chassis design for easy matching with your furniture and other components.

2013 New Design - QA-10008 Super Pre-amplifier

QA-10008 Ultimate Pre-amp , super sweet, smooth, open, dynamics, liquid and rich with very detail texture, super high density sound. Another one of our dream-come-true design.

2013 New Design - Mini version CD player with remote control

CD-101 CD-101

CD-101 hi-end mini size CD player using CD-ROM drive with remote

2013 New Design - FFT real time spectrum display


SPA-001 Spectrum analyser display for audiophile presentation, testing and DIY projects

2013 New Design - super high precision super wide range schumann resonator

SR-200 SR-200

SR-200 Ultra precision, super stable , multi-function schumann resonator with remote on/off control

2012 New Design - Multiple-axis Angular motion remote control robotic system (Toe-in robot for speakers)


MARS-100 toe-in robot for mid-range, tweeter or super tweeter fine-tunning

2012 New Design -- Universal out-board motor and dirver for turntable upgrade


TMC-100 variable speed, motor upgradable, high precision PWM driver

2012 New design --- QA-115-CRYSTAL (solid-aluminum + plaxiglass design with oil capacitors upgrades)


Please check out more details at QA-115-CRYSTAL (any model can make with CRYSTAL version design)


2012 New design --- Easy Tube-Tester V2.0 (with 300B , 2A3 and most rectifier tubes testing capabilities)


check out more details on EASY Tube-Tester V2.0

2012 New design ---Hi-end belt-drive turntable with upgradable parts

Check out more details on TT-101

2012 New design --- Linear motion robot system for remote control of speaker phase coherance, with programmable memory and 10000 steps accuracy , resolution 0.001"

We might be the first one who introduce professional robotics into the hi-end audio world, you can just sit and control the speaker placement with a remote

max. speaker loading capacity possible from 5kg to 200kg , multiple axis operations up to 10 degrees-of-freedom with just a single remote control

More detail information please check LMS-001!!

2012 New designed Hi-End CD transport / player with remote control and optional tube output stage, replaceable CD-ROM drive design

please check out our CD player section for more details

We also developed a totally new state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled high tech volume pot with IR remote (compatible with universal remote control), which comes with digital display for volume level with 100 micro step resolution, you can also select between " Dual Volume "; or " Volume + Balance " mode. This ultra new design make the music signal pass thru the minimal components, and no need to pass any solid-state device or contact points (those so called hi-end step volume control need to pass at least two contact points), and the sound quality is so pure , natural and open like no volume pot at all . Any model of our gear can install this optional ultra-hi-end volume control for a cost of even lower than some hi-end step volume controls. DIY customer can order this volume pot as modules to put into their own gears for performance upgrade. Our new 10000 series of pre-amplifier already include this super volume pot in the design. Pre-Amp Page


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