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New Products/Designs - Updated on 22 May 2017

2017 New Design - Digital tube tester

Easy-Tube-Tester V2.82 super easy-to-use digital vacuum tube tester for audiophiles (matching tubes within +/-1% is possible now !!)

2017 New Design - RV-002 remote control passive pre-amp with 100 micro-step and 3 inputs

RV-002-1.JPG (454×297)

RV-002 100 micro-step remote controllable passive pre-amp

2016 New Design -SEH-201 / SEH-100-i

SEH-200i-1.jpg (661×477)

SEH-201 100Wrms x2 KT-120 Single-ended hybrid power amplifier

SEH-100-i 50Wrms x2 6SN7 Single-ended hybrid integrated power amplifier

SEH-200-i 100Wrms x2 6SL7+6L6G Single-ended hybrid integrated power amplifier

2016 New Design - 32bit 384Khz USB DSD DACs

USB-DSD-DAC1 32 bit 384Khz USB DAC with EL32 upgrade (3 tubes)

USB-DSD-DAC2 32 bit 384Khz USB DAC with EL32 upgrade (5 tubes)

USB-DSD-DAC3 (A) 32 bit 384Khz USB DAC with STR + EL32 upgrade (6 tubes)

USB-DSD-DAC3 (B) 32 bit 384Khz USB DAC with 24/192 SPDIF input (5 tubes)

2016 New Design ASP-10001-ES

ASP-10001-ES Unbeatable fully balanced ORGANIC pure tube pre-amp with ASP subsonic compensation + micro-dynamics extraction(MDE) + external power supply

2016 New Design ASP-10001-ES, QA-115-Mk4

QA-115-Mk4 Balanced ORGANIC pure tube pre-amp with micro-dynamics extraction(MDE)

2016 New Design USET-1001

USET-1001 Universal power tubes single-ended pure tube amplifier with XLR input

2016 New Design -VS-101 / VS-003 / VS-1001


VS-003 3 way speaker system

VS-101 Full range coaxial floor stand open-buffle solid-wood speaker

VS-1001 4 way floor stand open-buffle + air suspension speaker system

2016 New Design Dual output regulated linear power supply for testing and pre-amp/power amp upgrade


DPS-100 hi-end linear regulated 100W/200W/300W/500W power supply

2016 New Design Virtual subwoofer analog processor

VSUB-100 virtual subwoofer pure analog processing unit

2016 New Design Super-Stand

Super-Stand 9"x9" , 12" x 12" , 15"x15" , 36"x12" or any custom-made size

2016 New Design -SR-003 and SR-1000


SR-003 / SR-1000 Fully remote controllable Schumann resonator

2015 New Design - MRP100


MRP-100 Magnetic Resonance Purifier (for enhancement of hearing capability by purify your circulation system)

2015 New Design - SE-300B-100W-Ultra

SE-300B-100W-Ultra Super high power single-ended 300B power amplifier with our new analog dithering technology , super detail, rich , high density and texture sound.

2015 New Design - Reference -1 Pre-amplifier (NEW reference series)

Reference-1 Mullard EL32 x4 + Tung-sol KT120 x2 + 274B pure tube fully balanced pre-amplifier

2015 New Design - 4 way 8 driver open buffle bi-polar design and 3 way 8 driver tower design

SP-3W8D Super high-end 3 way 8 drivers speaker system

SP-4W8D Super high-end four way 8 drivers speaker system, dual carbon fiber woofer with rear ported narrow profile , extreme good focusing with open and deep sound stage, hi-end drivers with high phase coherance crossover ensure most natural , open and smooth response.









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