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New Products/Designs - Updated on 12 Oct 2015

2015 New Design - MRP100


MRP-100 Magnetic Resonance Purifier (for enhancement of hearing capability by purify your circulation system)

2015 New Design - SE-300B-100W-Ultra

SE-300B-100W-Ultra Super high power single-ended 300B power amplifier with our new analog dithering technology , super detail, rich , high density and texture sound.

2015 New Design - Reference -1 Pre-amplifier (NEW reference series)

Reference-1 Mullard EL32 x4 + Tung-sol KT120 x2 + 274B pure tube fully balanced pre-amplifier

2015 New Design - 32bit 384Khz USB DSD DAC

USB-DSD-DAC1 32 bit 384Khz USB DAC with NOS Mullard EL32 upgrade

2015 New Design - 4 way 8 driver open buffle bi-polar design and 3 way 8 driver tower design

SP-3W8D Super high-end 3 way 8 drivers speaker system

SP-4W8D Super high-end four way 8 drivers speaker system, dual carbon fiber woofer with rear ported narrow profile , extreme good focusing with open and deep sound stage, hi-end drivers with high phase coherance crossover ensure most natural , open and smooth response.

2014 New Design - CP-1001

CP-1001 organic tube pre-amp with DAC , MC/MM phono, super recifier and headphone amp

Our 2014 new bang-for-buck ORGANIC tube pre-amp design, equipped with every features you ever dream of , including coaxial and USB digital input , high performance MC/MM phono stage, high power headphone amplifier and Super rectifier . Easily surpass sonic performance of any other brands pre-amp over $10,000 in the industry.

2014 New Design - DA24-192-Super


Our 2014 new bang-for-buck DAC design, equipped with every features you ever dream of , including coaxial and balanced digital input , USB input as music server, as well as super high current driving capability pure TUBE output stage. Easily surpass sonic performance of other brands DAC over $8,000 in the industry

2014 New Design - PB-70-ASX



Power booster with sub-sonic correction for small power single-ended 2A3 / 300B / 45/ EL84 ...etc . Convert them into high power output with same excellent tonal quality , and much better bass control, dynamics and punch as well as output power.

2014 New Design - Super high-current drive convertible design single-ended hybrid power amp

CP-101 HP-70-4.jpg HP-70-4.jpg HP-70-4.jpg

SEH-100 /SEH-101 / SEH-101EX / SHE-102-EX

Super high power and high current single-ended design , can drive even down to 2 ohm easy , Super bang-for-buck design.

2014 New Design 300B integrated amplifier with Super rectifier

IA-300B-STR 300B integrated amplifier with built-in super rectiifer

2014 New Design -Hi-end belt drive upgradable modular deisgn turntable system


TT-102 high-end belt-drive turntable with separate DC motor and DC speed control

2014 New Design - 4 way 6 driver open buffle bi-polar design


SP-4W6D high-end four way 6 drivers speaker system, hybrid tuned transmission line + ported design with narrow profile , extreme good focusing with open and deep sound stage, custom made drivers ensure most natural and smooth response.

2014 & 2015 New Design - High power pure-solid-state amplifier with TUBE like sound

SS-300-BAL Super high power 300W per channel power amp, with RCA to XLR converter, triple protection, large panel meter , dual mono power supply design. Easily to drive any speaker and easy to match tonal quality with tube amps in bi-amp / tri-amp system.

SS-70-BAL 70W per channel power amp, with RCA to XLR input, triple protection, Easily to drive any speaker and easy to match tonal quality with tube amps in bi-amp / tri-amp system.

Live Sound stage Generator Processor (2013 NEW design)


LSG-001 / LSG-003 Super real-live Sound stage generation processor , analogue computer technology without any digital processing noise and harshness , recover the original vocal and musical instruments placement no matter where you sit or stand in your listening room, with superior clarity , details and focusing as well as super open, wide and deep sound stage.

2013 New Design - P-105-STR


P-105-STR Super high-end MC/MM high gain low noise phono stage, with super rectifier and super low impedance balanced output.

2013 New Design - CP-101 multi-function combo design pre-amplifier with phono and headphone amp


CP-101 Super combo multi-functional pre-amp design , high-gain MC/MM phono stage+ high power headphone amp + organic pure tube pre-amplifier

2013 New Design - QA-10001-Delux Pre-amplifier


QA-10001-Delux Super Pre-amp , super high resolution with 100 micro step non-contact , non-solid-state remote volume pot , open and airy, very good dynamic and controls, elegent delux chassis design for easy matching with your furniture and other components.

2013 New Design - QA-10008 Super Pre-amplifier

QA-10008 Ultimate Pre-amp , super sweet, smooth, open, dynamics, liquid and rich with very detail texture, super high density sound. Another one of our dream-come-true design.

2013 New Design - Mini version CD player with remote control

CD-101 CD-101

CD-101 hi-end mini size CD player using CD-ROM drive with remote

2013 New Design - FFT real time spectrum display


SPA-001 Spectrum analyser display for audiophile presentation, testing and DIY projects

2013 New Design - super high precision super wide range schumann resonator

SR-200 SR-200

SR-200 Ultra precision, super stable , multi-function schumann resonator with remote on/off control

2012 New Design - Multiple-axis Angular motion remote control robotic system (Toe-in robot for speakers)


MARS-100 toe-in robot for mid-range, tweeter or super tweeter fine-tunning

2012 New Design -- Universal out-board motor and dirver for turntable upgrade


TMC-100 variable speed, motor upgradable, high precision PWM driver

2012 New design --- QA-115-CRYSTAL (solid-aluminum + plaxiglass design with oil capacitors upgrades)


Please check out more details at QA-115-CRYSTAL (any model can make with CRYSTAL version design)


2012 New design --- Easy Tube-Tester V2.0 (with 300B , 2A3 and most rectifier tubes testing capabilities)


check out more details on EASY Tube-Tester V2.0





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