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Welcome to Space-Tech Laboratory
Home of Super High-End Tube Audio

Since our founding in 1996, our mission has been to provide high end audio products with a natural organic sound that are airy without stress and present a 3 dimensional soundstage with micro and macro details, at a fraction of the average market price.

We design all of our over 100 models, and infinite custom models, to employ vintage tube gear's sweet and warm tonal quality with modern tube gear's dynamics, bandwidth and resolution.  We strongly believe in our own special designs as the means to musical purity and keep our overhead costs low by selling factory direct from our Vancouver, BC location.

Our entry-level hand-wired pre-amp at C$480 is sonically better than mass-market pre-amps that sell for US$3,000 to $5,000. Customers are welcome to order one for trial with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We invite you to bring any grade of hi-end audio equipment into our Vancouver showroom for comparison or system match.  This is the best way to experience the sublime performance of our stellar hand-built components.  All of our products can be easily matched with your existing equipment. The sonic performance is so good we have found they usually exceed your expectations, and meet your most critical requirements.

All our products are 100% hand-made in Canada by our Design Engineers and built with very strict consideration to tonal balance, musicality, sound stage, and emotional accuracy.  The acquisition of our gear by many qualified musicians acknowledges it's widely acclaimed acceptance.  All the tube related circuits are point-to-point and component-to-component hand-wired to the highest precision.

Due to the ORGANIC hand-made nature of our products, there are no circuit boards in most of our designs, our wiring is sonically the BEST "point-to-point" and "component-to-component" technique , it might not look as heavily make-up as those robot assembled PCB fabrication. If you are the one who is extremely critical about 100% perfection in the cosmetic presentation even internally , please notify us before ordering, and we will let you know what are the possible options from us.

We are very sorry that we never intent to compete in price with those mass produced low or medium quality audiophile products , but we only design our products to surpass the sonic performance of hi-end products from those big badges , which price tags typically cost arms and legs in the audiophile industry. We are very good at making products just cost 1/5 to 1/20 of their price with even much better sonic performance.

If other mass produced fast-food style equipment is your preference then please check out our pre-owned gear section, we have a variety of vintage and modern pieces which are trade-ins.

If you have any questions please simply email, visit, or call us. We will always try our utmost to give you satisfactory answers, don't just settle with some answers given by those who believe or pretend they know something. We treat all our customers with equality and respect no matter what your level of audio interest and expertise. Your audio enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction is our ongoing commitment , but we reserve the right to hold our advance technology and in-depth design secrets.

Our service includes hi-end audio and electronics design, custom-made, production and sales, as well as circuit modification, PCB prototype, pre-owned audio gears, vacuum tubes and electronics components (NEW / NOS). We welcome trade-ins as well. We are sorry that due to limited manpower, we can only do limited repair / upgrade / modification service to customers who own other brands gears. All the price on our site are actual selling price to the public , not the mis-leading inflated MSRP or listing price.

We also sell any of our technology and product designs on a consulting, project or licence fee basis , which can save the invester a lot of money and time on R&D, and might give immediate product launch to the market. (unauthorized copy or duplication of our designs or circuits are prohibited). Please contact us for any further information. It might not be a surprise if you found out certain big name products are actually designed by us, of course you had to pay a lot more just to buy their badges and mass produced cosmetic.

We designed and made every product with very serious requirement in sonic performance and musicality as well as technical standards, if you are looking for super bang-for-buck deals , please check out our regular models , which we already spent tons of effort and time to make them to perfection and just selling them below-cost.

In case if you have your own circuit design and just want us to build or test for you, due to the running cost of our professional engineering organization, we have no choice but can only charge a reasonable cost to keep the business on going.


All information on this website is copyrighted by Space-Tech Lab. Ltd. 1996-2014 and may not be reproduced in part or in full without written consent from Space-Tech Lab. Ltd. Nor shall our product designs be copied or implimented without our consent. All Rights Reserved.

Go Green !! Save the earth and save yourself, be a vegetarian and keep enjoying music for a long long time !!